A Landing Page Conversion Teardown In 20 Questions

VWO has a landing page analyser that asks you a bunch of yes/no questions and then tells you what to focus on to improve the conversion rate of your landing page. It’s fantastic, please check it out (link in the footer).

I am not 100% with some of the suggestions though. VWO doesn’t follow all of their suggestions on their own site. So I used their questionnaire as a starting point to come up with the 20 questions I currently use to audit a landing page. I don’t have any empirical data to back these up (I intend to gather it over the next few months). The whole point is to test these for yourself.

Sketches 68.png

What do you do?

Why should I care?

How do I believe you?

Where do we begin?

The goal here is not to be able to answer YES to all of these questions. The goal is to use these best practices as a starting point for your AB tests. I must emphasise that collecting data on how your customers use your product is the best way to inform what you should test. These questions are only a fallback if you don’t have enough data or if you can’t find any obvious bottlenecks.

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