596 Hours Learning to Code

Total Days 365

Total Earned $6,675

I try and focus on one thing each year. First it was meditation, then it was swing dancing, one year I read a book a week, last year I tried to start a business a month.

One year ago today, I decided to learn how to code.

I set myself the challenge to make $10,000 dollars learning how to code in 365 days or less. I made $6,675 building websites and developing software this year.

I realise this is not very much money to make in one year.

On the other hand, I didn’t know what HTML was when I started and coding boot camps cost upward of $10,000 for the same experience.

In total, I spent 596 hours learning how to build web applications.

The learning came in bursts, it was not evenly spread through the year.

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 11.04.14.png

The huge spike in the summer came from being accepted into a coding boot camp in London called Founders and Coders.

All of this was only possible because I got into Founder and Coders. They are a cooperative that offer free training for those bold enough to apply. I am immensely grateful for the learning opportunity they gave me.

So far, I have done a terrible job of documenting my experience and putting my portfolio together. I will do my best to share what I learned and show off my work on this blog over the next two months.

This is the Founder and Coders Website

This was the post I wrote exactly one year ago


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