Information Onslaught


There are physical limitations to how much I can learn in one go. My brain just fizzles out and the simplest things stop making sense. The first week at Founders and Coders has been intense.

The cohort was split into groups of four and each team was challenged to design and host a blog from scratch.

We had to learn how to use Github (so that we can all work together), how to host the blog (with harpjs), how to test code with qunitjs (so that everything works), and how to design and flesh out the look and feel of the blog.

To top it off, we had these mind-boggling 30-minute challenges every morning so that we could start the day feeling like a complete idiot.

To my surprise, there were no classes. There were tutorials for everything and a few presentations (particularly for the testing stuff) but the onus was mostly on us to figure out how to work together to get the job done.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present our new team blog.


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